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LOC: Love Our Community

Love Our Community (L.O.C.) first started in 2006 as a volunteer engagement programme where we worked with numerous non-profit organizations in providing volunteering opportunities to working adults.

Given the growing and diverse needs of youth, families and seniors in our society, we want to play our part in actively reaching out to them. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to transforming communities and are committed to establishing a myriad of services that meet the needs of individuals and families of all races and religions.


As we reach out to the seniors through relationship building and consistent follow-ups, we would like to achieve the following goals and objectives:
  • To encourage seniors to walk out of a solitary lifestyle and engage in an active ageing lifestyle
  • To nurture volunteerism in seniors by creating opportunities for them to reach out to their fellow seniors and the community
  • To provide volunteering opportunities for youths and young working adults
  • To promote intergenerational relationships

    As we reach out to children and families, we would like to achieve the following goals and objectives:
    • To build the confidence of underperforming children by improving their academic learning through tuition
    • To provide the less privileged children with a conducive and supervised reading environment
    • To engage parents in taking an active interest in their children’s education
    • To provide meaningful volunteering opportunities for students and young working adults on a sustainable basis


    Primarily, our programmes are developed in two main pillars – the families and children from the lower income group as well as the seniors.

    For Families and Children
    For the families, our present beneficiaries are largely families residing 1 and 2 room rental flats who are either single parent families living on hands to mouth situation or families without abilities to work and extended families support. Therefore, we hope to inculcate positivism and passion for life their lives as we bless them with their basic necessities like regular food rations, subsided tuitions (as low as $10 per month) and student care services.

    In addition, we conduct regular parental seminar and workshops that allow parents to discover new approaches and strategies in communicating and building rapport with their children and youths.

    For Seniors
    Ancillary to the families, we promote active aging and healthy lifestyle to the single seniors who are residing at Blk 100 of Aljunied Crescent. We hope to bring these seniors out of solitary through our O’Friends Club (好朋友俱乐部) activities such as brisk walking, karaoke sessions, line dancing and ad hoc project like educational tours, festive celebrations and quarterly free health screenings.

    To Raise Resources
    Besides serving the beneficiaries, we are also constantly looking for opportunities to partner and to raise resources. Hence, we have established a handful of annual partnership with South East Community Development Council (SECDC) and Food For The Heart. For instant, Walk For Rice, Toys From The Heart etc.

    To Culminates Youths To Serve
    We believe that by exposing and serving the third world countries, we are also able to culminates our youths to serve our local communities. Hence, we are constantly collaborating with schools and organizations to bring them to Cambodia, Laos and Philippines.

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    Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at

    Tel: 6494 2794
    Email: community@harvestcare.org.sg




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