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Counselling Services

In this fast-paced, highly competitive urban society, we are bound to experience difficulties at certain junctures in our lives. Our emotions and experiences that we find hard to make sense of could inevitably leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless. For many, a helping hand would go a long way.

We recognise the unique and complex struggles individuals and families may face, and here at Harvest Care Centre we provide that professional counselling service. We are committed to empower individuals with essential skills in coping with life’s challenges, and ultimately, journey them towards holistic independence.

Counselling would help to enhance your psychological well being, as you grow through life experiences and journey to discover your own personal resources and capabilities. It provides a platform to share about yourself, your experiences, emotions and relationships with significant others. More importantly, it offers a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment where you would feel safe enough to explore any emotional or psychological issues you may be encountering.

Our counselling service is offered to everyone who has a need for such support, regardless of race, religion, gender, socio-economic status and age. A nominal fee of S$50/- per 45 minues is charged for each session. While we charge a nominal fee for each session, no one would be denied any counselling support in a case of genuine financial difficulties.

We conduct educational programmes to increase awareness on emotional health issues such as stress, grief, and handling losses. The aim of the programmes is to equip participants with adequate knowledge in managing stress and losses. Topics that would be covered include Stress Management,Coping with Grief and Loss, Smoking Cessation, DISC Personality Testing and Problem-solving techniques.




Collaboration with HELP Family Service Centre - Rainbows Programme

Collaborating with HELP Family Service Centre, a voluntary welfare organization which provides assistance to single parents and children, Harvest Care Centre offers a peer support programme named RAINBOWS.

As you know, when a change takes place in the family – whether it is death, divorce, separation, abandonment, or even being born out of wedlock – it will have a profound effect on the whole family. Hence, RAINBOWS is specifically designed for grieving children and adults as it provides an opportunity and safe environment for them to sort through their pains and confusion, build self-esteem and learn to trust again.

For more information on our counselling service and charges, please contact our staff at 6494 2780 or email us at gekleng@harvestcare.org.sg.




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