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KAIROS International Academy:
Achieve Academic Excellence

K - Knowledge
A - Application
I - Interaction
R - Results
O - Opportunity
S - Success

At KAIROS, learning is a lifelong journey. We provide the Opportunity for all ages to enjoy quality programmes that facilitate growth in Knowledge and its Application. Interaction within the classroom is spontaneous and lively, yielding desirable Results. KAIROS envisions learners who achieve academic excellence that leads to Success in life. Teachers at KAIROS possess a strong commitment and passion in developing their students’ fullest potential.


Our services:

  • Tuition for subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science and Principles of Accounting for primary and secondary school students
  • Major examinations’ preparatory classes for primary and secondary school levels’ students
  • Enrichment courses such as Creative Writing, Speech and Drama, Phonics and Reading, Art Therapy, etc. to strengthen students' motivation towards learning and to develop specific skill sets.
  • English Language courses to train non-English educated Singaporeans and foreigners in spoken and written English
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