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SPARKS: Nurturing Young Lives

At SPARKS, we are passionate about providing all that it takes to discover, ignite and develop the potential in each child. Through our programmes, we aim to lead children in the right direction to reach their unique destinies. In addition, we aspire to inculcate in them passion for life and all that they have been called to. We endeavour to provide the experience and exposure they require to prepare them for their own exceptional journey through life. Ultimately, the heart of SPARKS is to inspire each child to dream big, embrace his or her individuality and be empowered, building a strong sense of responsibility and an enduring spirit.

To nurture and develop the children of our nation to possess a positive and confident self-image through our holistic mentoring programmes.


  • To provide structured programmes to help children in their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.
  • To provide a nurturing environment for children to discover themselves and grow.
  • To provide academic supervision.
  • To develop self-confidence and independence through character- building activities.
  • To encourage parents to be involved in their children’s development.


We believe that every child is a gift who deserves to be treated
as an individual. Thus we want to develop each child’s talents
and help children appreciate their uniqueness.

We see each child’s as a flint waiting to be ignited.
So we seek to provide them with exposure
through programmes that we have planned.

We desire to enable our children to find their aspirations,
and create platforms such that they will be empowered
to work towards their goals.

We want to develop children who will take responsibility
for their every action, be it in their homes, schools
or among their peers.

We encourage our children to practise kindness in their daily lives,
to empathize with the needs of others.

We hope to help our children develop the above-mentioned values
in their lives even after they have graduated from SPARKS,
such that they will be rooted in these values.



Academic Supervision
Studying is the most basic responsibility of a child as a student. We build structure in the lives of the children by allocating time for them to study and having teachers to guide them in completing their daily homework before proceeding with other activities.

Character Building
This programme targets to help children discover, develop, and display good character. Children discover good and bad character qualities through stories, videos or even dramas put up by staff and volunteers. They are then encouraged to develop and display these good character traits in their homes and schools.

Learning need not be confined to the classroom. Using an array of creative activities and excursions, we take learning outdoors for children to explore new ideas and experiences. Experiencial learning helps children to better retain new knowledge.

We use journalling as a tool to aid children in self-expression, through writing and drawing. Through this, reflection skills are also imparted to children at a young age, which will enhance their learning and memory abilities.

Enrichment Programmes
Children are engaged in meaningful programmes that enable them to discover their talents, especially during the school holidays. We also organize overseas learning trips, where children can cross borders and have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain international exposure and a global perspective.

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