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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too? Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community and country but there are much more intangible benefits alone — such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment — are worthwhile reasons to serve. In addition, when we share our time and talents we:

Learn And Develop A New Skill

Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill. As what Harvey Ullman says, ’ Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young, but becomes constantly more valuable regardless of physical capacity.’ Hence, learning new skills is a life long process and there is no reason why you should stop adding to your knowledge just because you are in employment or have finished education. These are examples of skills that can enhance a career and/or develop skills with the intention of facilitating your career.

  • Development of your goal setting, planning and budgeting skills as you plan and/or implement a fundraising event; and/or
  • Enhancing your supervisory and training skills as you supervise and train other volunteers; and/or
  • Or perhaps push you to discover your hidden talents and/or offer your newfound panache For example, painting a mural at the void deck etc.

Be Part Of Your Community

People and societies co-depend on each other for survival but in order for growth traditional values are being disregarded. As a result, many communities are suffering due to the growth of secular societies.


Volunteering is ultimately about helping others and having an impact on people’s wellbeing. What better way is there to connect with your commmunity and give a little back? As a volunteer, you certainly return to society some of the benefits that society gives you.

Motivation & Sense Of Achievement

Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering because is about giving your time, energy and skills freely. As a volunteer you have made a decision to help on your own accord, free from pressure to act from others. Volunteers predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help. Sometimes volunteers are regarded as do-gooders and those that hold that view also assume that one person can never make a difference. It may be true that no one person can solve all the world’s problems, but what you can do is make that little corner of the world where you live just that little bit better.

Boost Your Career Options

Statistically proven by many national surveys, many employers believe that volunteering can add to skills and would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. Further to that, if you are thinking of a career switch then volunteering is an ideal way to expand your work portfolio in your field and to gain a real insight into your chosen path.

New Interests & Hobbies

We do get "trapped" in life and volunteering allows you to "escape" from your everday routine and create a balance in our lives. Finding new interests and hobbies through volunteering can be fun, relaxing and energizing. Tutoring a child or assisting in publishing our newsletter will probably takes no more than 2 hours weekly but these energy and sense of fulfilment can certainly carry over to a work situation and sometimes helps to relieve tensions and foster new perspectives for old situations. At times, a volunteer experience can lead you to something you have never even thought about or help you discover a hobby or interest you were unaware of, indirectly, strengthening your personal/professional mission and vision by exploring opportunities and expanding your horizons.

New Experiences

Volunteering is a brilliant way to get life experience. Whether you mail flyers to raise awareness for our works or building a hut in Cambodia (through our overseas learning trips), you will experience the real world through hands-on work because volunteers can do almost anything and with the new millenium has dawned an era of infinite volunteer opportunities.

Meeting People From All Walks Of Life

Volunteering brings together a great diversity of people from all backgrounds and offers an incredible networking opportunity. Both the beneficiaries of your volunteer efforts and your co-workers can be a rich source of inspiration and an excellent way to develop your interpersonal skills. Not only will you develop lasting personal and professional relationships, you can never tell who you will meet or what new information you will learn and what impact this could have on your life.

Send A Signal To Your Employer, Friends & Family…

Others may pay more attention to your life outside the environment in which they have direct contact with you. For example, your employer would be interested in the activities that gives you a good work-life balance, just as academic institutions are interested in your extra-curricular activities. Volunteering reflects and supports a complete picture of you, and gives real examples of your commitment, dedication and interests. Show people what you are passionate about and maybe you will inspire them too!

Available Opportunities

Be A Volunteer Tutor

If you are academically strong in Primary and Secondary English and/or Mathematics; Primary Science and/or Chinese, and have the passion to serve the community, you are welcome to join us!

Tuition sessions are on every Saturday (11am – 12:30pm) or Every Sunday, (3.00pm to 4.30pm).

Responsibilities include:

  • Reinforcing what student(s) have learnt in school and strengthen their academic weakness(es).
  • Developing module, worksheets, test papers etc. with the Programme IC
  • Generating student’s progress report
  • If you are interested to join us as a volunteer tutor, simply submit a set of duly completed Volunteer Tutor Application Form

    Click to download Volunteer Tutor Application

    Be A Volunteer Coach

    If you are good at event planning or have a good set of sports knowledge, you can volunteer with us as a event planner, coach and/or referee. Do check out our website (http://wadclub.org/) to see what programmes you’d like to be involved in!

    Be a Volunteer Reader (Read-With-Us programme)

    As a volunteer reader, you need to be comfortable in conducting story-telling, craft and games with the children in small groups. Most importantly, to have a passion to work with children. You are welcome to join us as a volunteer on a bi-weekly or monthly basis!

    Be A Mentor To Pri-Schoolers During The School Holidays

    You will be given opportunity to mentor and execute hands-on activities for SPARKS Student Care Centre’s holiday enrichment programmes. Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and execution of holistic mentoring programmes that will nurture and develop children’s positivity and self-confidence.
  • Mentoring and guiding children aged 7- 12 years old throughout the activities, and helping them to achieve the objectives of the lesson.
  • Be A Event Support Personnel Or Street Rove

    Should there be any events for the community for instant sports carnival for the youths or free health screening checks to seniors above 50 years old at HCC, you will form the core team in assisting as administrators and befrienders in areas such as registration, ushering and interecting with residents. If there is a need, you may also become a street rove for these events to help out with the publicity and detailing down particulars of those who are interested.

    Be A Befriender and/or Surveyor

    You will in groups or pairs to go door to door befriending to the seniors and families residing in one and two rooms rental flats. Concurrently, if required, you may also be asked to conduct the Community Needs Survey on behalf of HCC. Collation of such demographics and data will help our organisation to better understand the community needs - usually such surveys will be conducted bi-annually during the school holidays (June and December).

    Distribution Of Flyers

    In order to bring awareness to residents about our various community services and programmes, you need your help to distribute flyers to the residents around the vicinity on regular basis. You may also be required to explain briefly to their resident’s queries and and refer them to the staffs of HCC.

    So don’t wait! Come join us today!

    Click to download Volunteer Application

    Should you have any enquiries on volunteer application,please contact us at Tel: 6494 2798

    Email: volunteer@harvestcare.org.sg




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