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W.A.D! Club: We Are Different!

W.A.D! Club (which shouts the message – We Are Different!) is the official youth programme of Harvest Care Centre. Our club seeks to empower youths to discover their passions and talents. Believing that every youth is precious, W.A.D! Club sets out to help every youth discover his or her unique destiny.

Our Mission
To raise a generation of youths with a heart to love, give and serve. The courage to think different, see different and be different.



What We Do

Supported by 3 pillars; Sports & Coaching, Adventure and Overseas Service Learning, W.A.D! Club provides the environment for youths to be developed holistically and equipped to love, give and serve.

Sports and Coaching
Nothing thrills and electrifies the youth like sports and adventure. W.A.D! Club brings youths from all over Singapore together to celebrate their passion and fervour for sports. For youths, by youths, ROMP is the embodiment of the exuberant energy that W.A.D! Club possesses. Not only that, W.A.D! Club conducts sports clinics and coaching sessions for an array of sports.

At W.A.D! Club, we want you to realise your own potential when you participate and excel in a sport you like. Even if you’ve never played competitively at an interschool or national level, we provide the opportunity for you to train, improve and eventually to play competitively. Choose from the 5 sports that we have:

W.A.D! Hoops (Basketball) TRAINING: Every Saturday, 6PM TO 8PM & Every Sunday, 330PM TO 530PM, Harvest Care Centre Rooftop

W.A.D! Hoops Junior (Basketball) TRAINING: Every Friday, 430PM TO 6PM, Harvest Care Centre Rooftop

W.A.D! Shot (Pool) TRAINING: Every Sunday, 3PM TO 6PM & Every Monday, 730PM TO 930PM, Harvest Care Centre Level 1

W.A.D! Tchouk (Tchoukball) TRAINING: Every Saturday, 930AM TO 12PM, Harvest Care Centre Rooftop

W.A.D! Tchouk Junior (Tchoukball) TRAINING: Every Wednesday, 515PM TO 615PM, Harvest Care Centre Rooftop

W.A.D! Le (Soccer) TRAINING: Every Sunday, 330PM TO 530PM, T-Net Club Macpherson or Bendemeer Primary School

W.A.D! Shuttle (Badminton) TRAINING: Every Saturday, 6PM TO 8PM, Various locations

W.A.D! Venture
The character of our youths will be the backbone on which our society leans in time to come. As such, W.A.D! Club’s leadership and team-building programmes are designed to impart values that will raise a generation of youth who possess courage, passion, integrity, humility, commitment and love.

W.A.D! Venture provides outdoor adventure learning programmes such as night cycling, trekking and survival camps. We hope to help youths develop tenacity and be willing to take risks (and then realise how much more can be achieved when you dare to take that step of faith!). At the survival camp, one can learn survival skills such as navigational skills, building campfires and tracking wild animals.

Overseas Service Learning
The world is the classroom for the youths at W.A.D! Club. W.A.D! Club presents the youths with opportunities to contribute to society with overseas service learning programmes. Here at W.A.D! Club, we think that we learn best when we challenge ourselves, get our hands dirty, and have fun at it. And the dirtier our hands get, the more fun we have. To do that, we bring our youths beyond the local shores and to various Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
Latest News

You may refer to our calendar of events or website for reference.

WAD Club Calendar and Schedule

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Alternatively should you have any enquiries, please contact us at:

Tel: 6494 2798

Email: wadclub@harvestcare.org.sg



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