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SPARKS Student Care Centre

SPARKS: Nurturing Young Lives

At SPARKS, we are passionate about providing all that it takes to discover, ignite and develop the potential in each child. Through our programmes, we aim to lead children in the right direction to reach their unique destinies. In addition, we aspire to inculcate in them passion for life and all that they have been called to. We endeavour to provide the experience and exposure they require to prepare them for their own exceptional journey through life. Ultimately, the heart of SPARKS is to inspire each child to dream big, embrace his or her individuality and be empowered, building a strong sense of responsibility and an enduring spirit.


W.A.D! Club: We Are Different! (wadclub.org)

W.A.D! Club (which shouts the message – We Are Different!) is the official youth programme of Harvest Care Centre. Our club seeks to empower youths to discover their passions and talents. Believing that every youth is precious, W.A.D! Club sets out to help every youth discover his or her unique destiny.

Supported by 3 pillars: Sports & Coaching, Adventure, and Overseas Service Learning, W.A.D! Club provides the environment for youths to be developed holistically and equipped to love, give and serve. 

School Programmes

School-based Programmes

Actively partnering with schools, we engage with students of various profiles through our school- based programmes. These programmes are designed in line with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), which forms an integral part of MOE’s Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes. We seek to nurture and develop the students in their skills and character.

Often, some of the lessons are learnt best through experience. That’s what our school-based programmes are about. We bring the learning beyond the textbooks and help the students to acquire skills through experiential learning. Not only that, our programmes are designed to impart values and to build character in the students.

Some of the school-based programmes we have conducted include:

  • Academic Resilience Workshops
  • Heritage Trails
  • Leadership Workshops/ Camps
  • Sports Clinic
  • After School Engagement Programme

Overseas Service Learning

Who says learning happens only in classrooms and lecture halls? Here at W.A.D! Club, we think that we learn best when we challenge ourselves, get our hands dirty, and have fun at it. And the dirtier our hands get, the more fun we have.

To do just that, we organise overseas trips for you guys who want to join us to change the world, one problem at a time. Join us in stepping out of comfortable Singapore to go eyeball-to-eyeball with the issues faced by the less privileged people.

We don’t believe in just feeling bad for the needy in third world countries. We want to understand their situation, develop solutions and execute those plans.

Change the world, get your hands dirty, join us on our OSL trips. Catch the works that we have done in Cambodia.

We welcome like-minded youths and schools to partner us for our Overseas Service Learning programme.


We recognise the unique and complex struggles individuals and families may face, and here at Harvest Care Centre we provide that professional counselling service. We are committed to empower individuals with essential skills in coping with life’s challenges, and ultimately, journey them towards holistic independence.

Our counselling service is offered to everyone who has a need for such support, regardless of race, religion, gender, socio-economic status and age. We conduct educational programmes to increase awareness on emotional health issues such as stress, grief, and handling losses. The aim of the programmes is to equip participants with adequate knowledge in managing stress and losses.

Collaboration with HELP Family Service Centre - Rainbows Programme

Collaborating with HELP Family Service Centre, a voluntary welfare organization which provides assistance to single parents and children, Harvest Care Centre offers a peer support programme named RAINBOWS.

As you know, when a change takes place in the family – whether it is death, divorce, separation, abandonment, or even being born out of wedlock – it will have a profound effect on the whole family. Hence, RAINBOWS is specifically designed for grieving children and adults as it provides an opportunity and safe environment for them to sort through their pains and confusion, build self-esteem and learn to trust again.

For more information on our counselling service and charges, please contact our staff at 6494 2780 or email us at gekleng@harvestcare.org.sg.

LOC: Love Our Community

Love Our Community (L.O.C.) first started in 2006 as a volunteer engagement programme where we collaborate with numerous non-profit organizations in providing volunteering opportunities to working adults.

Given the growing and diverse needs of youth, families and seniors in our society, we want to play our part in actively engaging them. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to transforming communities and are committed to establishing a myriad of services that meet the needs of individuals and families of all races and religions.


  • For Families and Children
  • For Seniors
  • To Raise Resources
  • To Culminate Youths to Serve

En'Rich Kids Club

En’Rich Kids Club focuses on 3 main pillars – Enrich, Engage and Empower.

We enrich the lives of children from underprivileged families by building their confidence, self-esteem and character through academic learning, social interactions and play.

We seek to engage and develop children holistically through experiential learning and provide an opportunity to give back to the community.
We empower parents with skills to interact with their children and educating parents on the importance of their roles in child’s education, character building through home visits.

O' Frenz Club

Active Ageing: O’ Frenz Club

We promote active aging and healthy lifestyle through our O’ Friends Club (好朋友俱乐部) activities to the seniors residing around our vicinity.


  • Weekly Get-fit sessions
    • Zumba Gold
    • Chair Zumba
    • Stretchband exercises
  • Monthly Briskwalk
  • Love In Action Volunteering
  • Health Workshop
  • Educational Trip
  • Creative Art Workshop

Beside O’ Friends Club (好朋友俱乐部) activities, Love Our Community also assists frail and needy elderly with befriending services and daily necessities.



At KAIROS, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey and excellence comes from understanding Knowledge and its Application.

In line with this we provide conducive environment where students can Interacts spontaneously with passionate teachers and facilitators, yielding desirable Results

To achieve our vision, we provide various learning Opportunities to enable learns of all ages to achieve Success in their interests.